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Underselling ourselves

We all do it, we don’t give ourselves the credit or value we deserve.  For one reason or another we either think or fell we don’t deserve it. Or maybe we don’t even realise that we are doing it!  It’s not until someone or something points it out that we have “that light bulb moment”.


This is exactly what happened today for Samantha Stone.  You might remember that I recently asked you to complete a survey on what types of yoga you would like to see at CH&F.  She sent me an email saying that as a result of that survey she realised that she has been underselling herself.  As she pointed out to me, she has been teaching CHAKRA YOGA, and ELEMENTAL YOGA for years but she had never considered packaging them up as different styles!

Now she has updated her Facebook page and website accordingly and wants you all to know that she can offer all of these styles of yoga if you want them.  For anyone unfamiliar with the different styles here is a bit of information to help you make your decision on which one is for you.



Improve your fitness, strength and flexibility with this class.  We’ll use the breath to move through a range of postures in a variety of sequences.  Movements are slowing, smooth, and encourage you to listen to your body, finding what feels good.  We’ll also include breathing techniques, meditation and some heavenly relaxation.


Discover the seven chakras of the body – energy points from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.  Each one has it’s own properties and can get out of balance with the stresses and strains of everyday life.  Find harmony within the body, mind and soul as we perform postures, breathing techniques and mediation to find true balance.


Explore the five elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Space, as we incorporate them into out yoga sessions.  Connect with the deeper aspects of nature in this holistic practice.  We’ll draw on the properties of each element in individual classes before uniting them all and restoring equilibrium.

So now you know!  The survey is still available so please fill it in or email us to tell us which one you’d like to do.  Maybe all of them?!

See you soon.

Ruth x

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