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More Tea Vicar?

Hello Everyone, as a lot of you will know, I have now opened More Tea Vicar? hence the reason for the lack of Blogging!  It’s been tiring but very rewarding.

I’ve been trying my hand at producing vegan/gluten free cakes with some limited success.  I’ve posted some pictures of the results on the More Tea Vicar? FB page.

I have had enquiries about whether or not I have gluten free bread.  I have a bit of a dilemma here.  I can say that the cakes are totally gluten free and vegan because I am not going to bake with any other type of flour or ingredients, however, with the bread, it will mean getting in specialist loaves, which I will do but here is where the dilemma starts.  It will mean that the gluten free sandwiches will have to be toasted, unless you order in advance so I can defrost the bread.  I know that I will have to have a separate bread boards and knives etc. but because I am offering sandwiches and panini with gluten it will be difficult to guarantee that there won’t be the odd crumb contamination.  Obviously I will do my best to make sure that there is no contamination but best laid plans and all that!  So if you have Celiac disease or similar then obviously it won’t be worth you taking the risk and for others it will have to be an informed choice.

Am I making more out of this than is necessary?  Please let me know.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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